Types Of Slots On Divine Slots

Slots are an all-surrounding word. The deeper you go the more variation you’ll find among the many slot machines you can play at Divine Slots. Read on to find out just how many types of slots you can look forward to playing when you’re sensation lucky

Different Types Of Slots And Slot Variants

How many of this variation have you tried… and which ones petition the most?

Classic slots

You might believe of two types of slots when typical slots come to mind:

  1. Three-reel slots
  2. Fruit machines

Fruit machines are likely to have these features:

  • Lots of Divine icons on the reels
  • They often have bells and bar signs as well
  • They may or may not have a wild sign
  • No spread will be in play

Meanwhile, three-reel slots have abundance of similarities:

  • Typically only one pay line, but sometimes up to five
  • The payable appear on the same page as the reel put
  • The negligible prize may be trigger with just one icon on the line
  • They can be played from a currency per spin on the line

Video slots

Start playing video slots and you’re going to obtain more reels in play – typically five of them, occasionally six or more. You’ll also obtain the possibility to play over more lines. Lots of games also quality other elements, such as:

  • Storylines
  • Bonus facial appearance
  • Free spins slots

These games are also more likely to comprise special signs during play. They often fall into this category:

  • Wild symbols – increasing, regular, shifting, frozen, and more
  • Scatter symbols – pay out for the right number no substance where they fall
  • Bonus signs – find three to activate the relevant bonus characteristic (there can be more than one bonus icon in a game)
  • Free spins signs – three or more will regularly unlock some online casino games

3D slots

These are between the most accepted slots around. 3D imagery makes all stands out – ideal when a game is focus on a striking theme. You can look for 3D slots on lots of diverse themes:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Aztecs
  • Mythical creature and gods
  • Irish good luck (ideal when you’re live a slot game!)

Jackpot slots and progressive slots

Are these everyone’s favorites? We think they might be. There is some difference between them:

  • Jackpot slots may have a set jackpot
  • Progressive slots have jackpots that cultivate with each contributing gamble

Both types may have more than one jackpot obtainable. If this is the case, they will be labelled to imitate their size, such as:

  • Mini
  • Minor
  • Major
  • Mega

Slots with extra features

Online slot Bonuses are the best bit of slot games – at least, we think so. Bonus comes in many forms, but they can take you absent from the basic reels of the game. Here are a little possible bonuses you might come across:

  • On-reels bonuses
  • Click-me bonuses
  • Picking games
  • Second screen bonus in other locations pertinent to the theme of the game

Flat top slots

This is a smaller-known type of slot, but you will approximately certainly have encountered one. A flat-top slot is also referred to as a directly slot because it is as basic as you can obtain. Here’s what you should wait for from one of these games:


  • Three reels
  • One pay line
  • No progressive jackpot
  • No special signs

Our favorite top slots to try

Rainbow Riches

Is this one of the most accepted slots around? It spawned a set of sequel, but this is the original one. There are lots of perks to look out for if you play this game:

  • Five reels
  • 20 paylines
  • A gold coin is used as the wild icon
  • Three scatters show, each trigger a divide bonus feature
  • Three leprechauns start the Road to Riches bonus
  • Three wishing wells start the Wishing Well bonus
  • Three pot of gold unlock the Pots of Gold bonus


Simple yet very effectual, the Starburst game is well-liked for good reason. Sparkling gems could bring you some rich wins with these features:

Five reels

  • 10 paylines
  • Increasing Starburst wild icon appear on middle three reels
  • Fewer signs than normal, making it easier to find winning combinations
  • Every wild that appear will trigger a resin


Face the powerful elephants in this high-quality game with a safari subject. You’ll enjoy many superb features in this one:

  • Five reels
  • 1,024 ways to win
  • A wild icon substitute all apart from the scatter
  • The wild carries either a 2x or a 3x multiplier if you reach the free spins slots feature
  • Eight, 12, or 20 free spins are given respective to scatter quantity

Find your favorite online slots today

There is bounty of other slot games to be found at Divine Slots. Now you know how much variation there are, which ones will you get in progress with?